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Rental conditions

Why is U-Haul giving me more days in my one-way rental than I need?

Safety is U-Haul's number one concern. Our goal is to provide our one-way customers with ample time to complete their move safely. While there is no discount for unused days, you are encouraged to return your rental equipment as soon as you're finished with it. Doing so will eliminate any parking concerns and will also relieve you from being responsible for the equipment

Can I purchase additional days on my one-way move?

Yes. However, it's critical for you to plan this in advance with your pickup location so that your rental contract will be accurate and so that scheduling for other families at your destination can be adjusted. The prepaid fees for extra days are outlined below:

If I don't know my exact move date, can I still get a rate quote for my move?

In this situation, we recommend that you use an arbitrary date two weeks in the future or an approximate date around the time you think you will be moving. The rate that is quoted will provide you with a frame of reference, but will be subject to change based on your actual move date. Since you are in the early stages of planning, please note that you may be able to reserve your equipment with a lower rate by moving Sunday through Thursday.

You will need to obtain a second rate quote and confirm your reservation as soon as you are sure of your move date.

Can I purchase additional miles on my one-way move?

Yes. The fee is $0.40 per mile if you exceed the allowed mileage.

Will I have enough miles to complete my one-way move?

Yes - allowed miles (and kilometers for Canada) are calculated with a cushion to let you to complete your move with no extra charges. In the rare case that you do need extra, they are 40¢ each. Some rental companies offer "unlimited" mileage because they do not have convenient locations. In many cases, you may have to drive up to 150 miles out of the way to return their truck. U-Haul has over 14,000 rentals outlets to assure that you will always have a convenient location nearby.

How old do I have to be to rent equipment from U-Haul?

You only need to be 18 years old with a valid driver's license to rent from U-Haul.

My friend/relative is going to drive my U-Haul for me. Will I be responsible if he gets into an accident?

The person who signs the U-Haul contract is fully responsible for the U-Haul equipment. Be sure to ask about our Safemove® and Safetow® protection packages for protection and peace of mind.

How will I know where to drop off my equipment?

At the dispatch location, you will have agreed to a specific location to return the equipment or you will have been provided with a phone number to call upon arrival at your destination. When you call the number, you will be directed to an appropriate location. Not all U-Haul locations are set up to receive returning equipment, so your cooperation will save you time, while helping us to route the equipment to the next family who needs it.

How can I modify or cancel an existing reservation?

If you have a change in plans and you made your reservation through your neighborhood U-Haul location, you will need to contact that same location for modifications or cancellations. Twenty-four hours' notice is required.

If you made your reservation over the Web or through 1-800-GO-UHAUL, you may modify or cancel your reservation by calling the regional office phone number that was given to you when confirming. 24 hours' notice is required.

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How does U-Haul calculate its one-way rental rates?

The one-way move rate for any U-Haul rental equipment is a predetermined dollar amount based on equipment size, point of origin, destination and the date of your move. As our customer, you receive an allowed mileage (there are no mileage restrictions for trailer rentals) and a set number of days to complete your move, included in the price.

Rental rates can change at anytime, so it is recommended that you confirm your reservation as soon as possible to lock in the rate.

Why does it cost less to move from Point A to Point B than vice versa?

Many variables go into establishing rates. There are times when more people are moving out of a city than into it. Because we want more equipment going back to that city we will often discount the rate.

Will I receive a reduced rate if I return my U-Haul equipment early or use less mileage?

Rates are not adjusted for early drop off or lower mileage. The allowed mileage and number of days given are provided to ensure adequate time and miles to complete your move safely. If you use less, it is the same price.

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Operating hours & directions

How do I locate my neighborhood U-Haul location?

Use our online Location Finder. It will produce a map of the locations nearest to you, along with contact information.

What hours are you open?

  U-Haul Centers Independent dealers
Monday - Thursday 7am - 7pm Varies
Friday 7am - 8pm Varies
Saturday 7am - 7pm Varies
Sunday 9am - 5pm Varies

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In the event that I have trouble with the equipment, what should I do?

U-Haul has over 15,000 locations to help you with your move. In the event you experience problems: If you are still in the originating city, please call the dispatching location. If you are in any other location, our emergency road service hotline at 1-800-528-0355 is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why aren't the rates for some equipment quoted to me?

The cargo van and pickup truck are not available for one-way moves. Instead, rent the 10' truck or, if you have a towing vehicle, a trailer.

Some trailers and towing equipment may not be available because they cannot be towed by your chosen towing vehicle. Our open trailers are not available for one-way moves.

RoofPouches are only available in specific markets. Please call your neighborhood U-Haul location or 1-800-GO-UHAUL (1-800-468-4285) to check availability and rates and to make a reservation.

On my move, do I need to stop at the weigh stations along the way?

Requirements may vary from state to state and throughout Canada. Each weigh station has a sign that tells what you are required to do; just obey the signs. Normally U-Haul customers moving their own household goods are not required to stop, because this is not a commercial move. However, if a truck is over a certain weight it may be required to stop regardless of what is being carried.

How can I determine if my vehicle can tow (or be towed) by U-Haul equipment?

This info can be found by getting a rate quote from our rates and reservations site.

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